6 Quick Questions with a St. Louis Wedding Photographer

St. Louis Wedding Photographer Matthew D Kauffmann
St. Louis Wedding Photographer Matthew D Kauffmann smiling at the camera

St. Louis Wedding Photographer Matthew Kauffmann takes time to introduce himself.

I love to read blogs, but I am horrible about writing them.
But, I recognize that it would be good for me if I did, so here it goes…generally, speaking, this will be examples of my St. Louis Wedding Photography or St. Louis Portrait Photography, and some information that will help you plan or be ready for your wedding or photography session.
As I get started, I thought it might be fun for you to get to know me as a wedding photographer…so I interviewed me, and it was fascinating!

Why did you decide to become a St. Louis wedding photographer?

I think it started because I got to play with some cool toys…but it grew because I can’t tolerate to be mediocre at anything. Later I’ve come to realize it is something I’m called to do (but I’ll spare you the theology behind it).

What is your favorite memory of a St. Louis wedding you’ve photographed?

My favorite memory is the one I’ll make at your wedding. Every wedding has moments that touch my heart, or more importantly the heart of the clients. I will never say ‘I’ve seen it all’ but at this stage it would take a lot to shock me.

What is your favorite thing about being a St. Louis wedding photographer?

My favorite thing about being a St. Louis wedding photographer is knowing that I am creating timeless art that my clients are going to treasure for generations…and I’ve gotten to the point I can do that while having a great deal of fun and lifting the spirits of those around me.

What makes you different from every other St. Louis wedding photographer?

Two things really make me stand out as a wedding photographer, and both are rooted in experience. The first is organization. I spend a lot of energy making sure I understand a client’s vision for their wedding day and then I can make that happen while taking stress off the client. The second is my artistic style. I don’t fall for the latest gimmicks or trends. My art has a timeless appeal that will be as beautiful in a decade as it is today.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I have two daughters so for me the favorite part of a wedding is always a father/daughter moment. I go crazy for a first-look with dad and the father-daughter dances. A close second would be any moment that is highly sentimental, but when dad is there it’s all over for me.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am a licensed Critical Care and Community Paramedic (and Instructor). I’m one of only 3% of photographers Certified as a Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America. I was also recently recognized by Canon and their Imaging Connect program.

Wow, you’ve give us so much helpful information!
Now you know a little more about me: the dude who is going to be making your next gorgeous photo!

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