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5 tips on how to relax in front of the camera

Relaxed HeadshotAre you nervous about your photography? Here are some of my favorite tips to help you relax in front of the camera:

  1. Play Music – Bring your favorite music to play during your session. Jamming to a sick beat will help you to calm down and feel comfortable.
  2. Deep Breathing – Practice deep breathing, which is a proven relaxation method. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then repeat until you feel better.
  3. Take a Break – If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always take a break from photography and talk to relax before resuming the session. Often it is more efficient to work in bits rather than push through.
  4. Drink – Not enough to get drunk, but just enough to help you cut loose. If you feel slightly buzzed, it may help tremendously. 
  5. Laugh It Off – If you’re feeling silly in front of the camera, laugh at yourself. Laughter is a great relaxation technique. Even if it starts faked, it will help you loosen up.

BONUS TIP – Work with a talented photographer! A good photographer will be able to quickly build a rapport with you and help you relax in front of the camera. They will have the experience to make their adjustments efficiently and not have to trouble you with technical glitches.

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